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Marilyn Monroe may be the most photographed woman in the world, but there are still some images of the 20th century movie icon that remain largely unseen – until now. Alexandra Llewellyn has collaborated with Milton H. Greene’s Archive and Iconic Images to create an exclusive limited-edition of 10 backgammon boards featuring previously unpublished photographs of the iconic screen legend. The box is of macassar ebony and the artwork is black poplar inlaid with brass triangles, and then printed with the iconic photographs.

This series of portraits was taken in September 1953 by Monroe’s friend, the celebrated photographer Milton H. Greene. They feature the actress in a negligee, draped in fur, with a sparkling diamond bracelet on her wrist. At the time Monroe had a sprained ankle so she posed sitting, kneeling or lying on the floor for most of the three-day photo shoot. Greene used a 35mm Nikon to capture his luminous subject, producing an exceptionally intimate, personal mood as a result.

Llewellyn was honored to create the backgammon board, commenting: It was a challenge to do justice to Greene’s images and not to lessen the power of the photography, but it works because it is a conversation piece and a game, drawing people together to play and talk about Greene’s photography and the incredible Marilyn Monroe.

Tournament sized - 60cm x 77cm x 5cm / 23.5” x 30” x 2” when open

A limited edition of 10 boxes, priced at £15,000 each inc VAT

To buy or enquire please contact us - or +44(0)207 183 1058

Handmade in the UK



To buy or enquire please contact us - or +44(0)207 183 1058


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