Exclusively designed for the Bespoke Global Falconry Companion, Neiman Marcus Fantasy Gifts 2013

A falcon themed backgammon board designed as party of Bespoke Global’s falconry mews. American black walnut with falcon marquetry inlay on the lid, calf leather, hand painted falcon feathers. The falcon eye playing pieces are hardened gold-plated brass with leather, optical glass, inlay polished black slate, granite, and treated corian, with a mother of pearl glint. The doubling die is bleached bird’s-eye maple and dice shakers are turned ironwood. Precision cut dice.

60cm x 38cm x 9cm when closed
60cm x 77cm x 5cm / 23.5" x 30" x 2" when open
From £8,000 in VAT

Handmade in the UK


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